With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have an in depth knowledge of its dynamics, operators, and suppliers. This differential paired with our team’s skills allows us to identify the real estate value of an asset and manage it so that it reaches its full potential and obtains the highest returns.

We build rock-solid bonds of trust with our clients. We align our clients' interests with those of operators in the hotel industry. Our proprietary Management System delivers real-time metrics and analytics, regular reports, and personalized advice that empowers our clients to fully understand their investment, track their progress, and make informed decisions.


Camilo Matarraz heads our ecosystem of local specialists. Based in Miami since moving there in 2001, Camilo's career in the hotel industry began in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having worked in practically every position in the sector, he has a deep understanding of the industry and what it takes to succeed. He also expanded his expertise as a Real Estate consultant. Today, he leverages all of his skills and experience as an Asset Management provider, offering investors from around the world unparalleled insight, passion, and dedication.

At Confidence, we implement our own working and reporting methodology, which we created based on more than two decades of experience. From a menu of services, we develop tailor-made proposals that include, for example, asset inspection, accounting and financial management, metrics development, and assistance in starting a business in the United States.



Success cases

We’ve assisted in the refinancing of loans of up to US$ 35 million

We initiate and oversee negotiations with banks, seeking the best conditions for our clients in terms of interest rates, loan periods, and guarantees. During the due diligence processes, we handle every information and financial analysis requirement.

Once the refinancing is accepted, we facilitate communication between all parties involved and manage the transaction step by step until closing.

We’ve created a unique management model in the market

Our Management System is based on a comprehensive assessment of the asset's financial position and performance. Each month, we send our clients reports in which we analyze and project critical variables of their assets — occupancy, average room rate, and bookings, among others — and compare them with those of the competition and the market.

Having this overview is essential for owners. It allows them to fully understand the functioning of their asset and the market, and to anticipate and make decisions that have an impact on the direction of their business.

We supervised the complete renovation of a hotel

We were a key player in an expansion project in Miami Beach during the most complex period of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the request of our client, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the budgets for the construction of 69 rooms and the exhaustive monitoring of the construction for two years.

Our work in controlling the numbers and supervising the works resulted in significant savings for the investors, in addition to the completion of the renovation project within the programmed timeframe.



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