Facilities Manager


Our continuous inspection service ensures your asset is well-maintained, up-to-date and fully compliant with industry standards at all times.

  • Monthly inspection of the property using the Fastfield platform to present photos, videos, and comments on the asset.
  • Weekly check-ins with management and team for feedback.
  • Verification of current and paid licenses for the asset.
  • Compliance check for any violations.
  • Budget approval within agreed-upon guidelines with the owners.
  • Preventive maintenance software implementation and training.

Financial Metrics & KPI Analysis

Benchmarking Report

Our Financial Metrics & KPI Analysis Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of your business so you can measure your performance against the competition.

  • Monthly tracking and analysis of ADR (average room rate), OCC (occupancy), REVPAR (revenue per available room), ROOM NIGHTS, and REVENUE metrics.
  • Monthly and cumulative performance versus the current budget and the previous year.
  • Bi-weekly quantitative and qualitative monitoring of social media and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).
  • STR Analysis, a benchmarking tool that contrasts the performance of a hotel with other similar hotels.
  • STR Benchmarking of the industry with data on supply, demand, market shares and information, and competitiveness indicators, among others. It also includes the main metrics of the requesting asset.

Finance & Accounting

Financial statements

Our Finance & Accounting service provides comprehensive financial management support.

  • Ongoing contact with the assigned CPA.
  • Assistance preparing P&L, balance sheets, and cash flow.
  • Assistance reviewing financial statements.
  • Reviews payments of financial commitments, particularly bank loan installments and taxes, to ensure all obligations are complied with in a timely manner.
  • Review tax returns, particularly the K1, to ensure that they are filed properly.
  • Assistance coordinating capital calls.
  • Coordination of audits of the operator, at the owner’s request.

Cash Management

Restricted accounts

Our Cash Management service offers a comprehensive approach to financial management, ensuring efficient handling of accounts and a continuous, transparent flow of information and communication.

  • Management of handling, movement, and analysis of restricted accounts.
  • Oversight of operating accounts.
  • Review of bank statements.
  • Execution of monthly transfer of funds to operators according to Budget and agreements with owners.
  • Ongoing communication with banks and assistance with refinancing of existing loans.
  • Assistance with loan refinancing.

Compliance & Fiduciary Obligations

Us person

Our Compliance & Fiduciary Obligations service safeguards and defends asset owners’ financial interests and ensures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Representation and defense of the owners' investments.
  • Representation of the owner in judicial, banking, and insurance claims.
  • Holding funds in restricted accounts (US person).
  • Permanent communication with insurance agents.
  • Verification of timely payment of commercial insurance on assets.
  • Streamlining of the semi-annual renewal process of commercial asset insurance to increase efficiency.
  • Liquor license consulting and proxy service.

Corporate Organization Facilitation

Fiduciary documentation

We manage your fiduciary documentation, ensuring that it is securely stored.

  • Annual tax filings and K1 of the partners.
  • Insurance company summaries and claims.
  • Financial presentations.
  • Bank statements and loan documentation.
  • Documentation of legal claims.
  • General mail

Onboarding & Training

Customer experience

Our Onboarding & Training service focuses on creating the best possible customer experience for guests through comprehensive training programs that develop employees' skills and abilities.

  • Presence: physical appearance, manners, expression, gestures, empathy, smile, visual connection.
  • Motivation.
  • Detection of customer needs.
  • Compliance with standards.
  • Upselling and cross-selling.
  • Complaint handling, problem-solving.
  • Satisfactory and memorable customer experience.

Best Practices & Quality Control

Mystery guest

Our Best Practices and Quality Control services assess and improve the quality and performance of hotels using the mystery guest methodology.

  • Mystery guest methodology with precise guidelines and supervision points.
  • Control of the entire guest cycle, from booking through different channels to check out.
  • Upselling, cross-selling, and complaint handling.
  • Written evaluations, along with video recordings and images.
  • Feedback to the management team.


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